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  About Koolibri

About Koolibri

Koolibri Publishers was founded in 1991, the year when Estonia regained its independence. The main body of the founders consisted of former giant publishing house "Valgus" employees that were immensely experienced in the publishing business. Highly professional attitude to work is still characteristic of all 55 publishing house employees.

Publishing textbooks and manuals has been the company´s main activity since the very beginning. Currently, Koolibri publishes textbooks for Estonian, literature, mathematics, natural history, geography, physics, chemistry, human nature studies, civics, and history, as well as workbooks, exercise and test books, teacher´s books, CDs and other necessary material for teaching. In addition, Koolibri publishes books for pre-school education and vocational schools. Each item of teaching material is in compliance with the National Curriculum requirements. This and the teachers´ and students´ appreciation gained throughout the years of its work ensure Koolibri publications, among numerous Estonian publishers of educational literature, with high credibility. Among the authors of the published books are well-known university lecturers and experienced teachers.

In addition to school textbooks, Koolibri publishes dictionaries, children´s books, reference books, science fiction, and fiction both translated and in the original. According to its slogan "Educational Books from Estonia", Koolibri tries to publish educative books that would make the teachers´ and the students´ lessons more interesting and homework easier, and would add some entertainment to the process as well.

Koolibri has had a long history of collaboration with the following publishing houses: Dorling Kindersley, Penguin, Klett, Tessloff, Könemann, Usborne, Kingfisher, Dami Editore, TopThat, Hodder, Hamlyn, and others. Koolibri employees visit international book exhibitions on a regular basis to find new contacts and sources for potential translations to be published.

Koolibri is a member of EEPG (European Educational Publishers Group), which has enabled it to develop educational material publishing based on European-wide experience.